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Enjoy fully your ride and we take care about the logistics.

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How it works ?

🎒Bag drop

✈️ Airport transfer

🎯Special request


We pick up your bag

We can pick up your bag at designated hotels, nearby the start , or alternatively you drop us your bag at the start itself ( BERGERIE NATIONALE DE RAMBOUILLET) when you do your registration.

*One bag has maximum dimensions of 30x20x 25, and maximum weight of 8 kg.

*Any additional dimension or weight will be charged during collection or refused.


We  send your bag to the selected check point

Fougères, Tinteniac, Loudeac. One bag = One checkpoint. Bag is accessible during all the PBP event

*We do not carry bags from checkpoint to check point.


We collect it back

And ship it back the last day of PBP that is 24th August at the designated hotel in the list, or we keep it available in Rambouillet at the finish till 24th August evening 8 pm.

Why use a bag drop service ?

Convenient way to transport gear and equipment to the start or finish line

The service typically involves a designated area where participants can drop off their bags, which are then transported to the designated finish line or other location.

Simple online registration

Choice of location and pickup/delivery time that suits you. Online management and tracking.

Trust an experienced cyclist

Rely on in someone who has a lot of knowledge and expertise in cycling.


Select your checkpoint

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Choose the solution that is convenient to your people.

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Special request

You have a request which is not listed in our form ? Please ask us !!!

Merci pour votre envoi !

« Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride. »

Eddy Merckx

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